• Q: What is the mix of people that come to these events?
  • A: 60% Japanese, and 40% foreigners.
    • Q: Do I need to bring a friend to the party?
    • A: No, of course not. Many people come alone to these events to meet new friends, but it’s more fun if you bring friends.
    • Q: I am a women and I came alone. It is a safe environment for me?
    • A: Of course. If anyone is harassing you, please tell the staff and we will ask them to kindly leave.
    • Q: Is there a dress code for these events?
    • A: Not at all. Please come dress in what you feel comfortable with.
        • Q: If the event is at a bar or club, and the event is over, can I stay afterwords?
        • A: Of course you can stay, but you will have to pay bar or club prices for drinks.
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